Rectangular Trampoline Guide

Bob’s Outdoor & Rectangular Trampolines UK

Rectangular trampolines have always been extremely popular for a number of reasons, as we will explain below.

Kids love rectangular trampolines because –

  1. WOW FACTOR: they’re a little bit unique in that lots of kids will have a round trampoline but very few own a rectangular one.
  2. STRONGER BOUNCE: because of the way that the springs are configured on a rectangular trampoline, there is a stronger and more even bounce right across surface area of the jump mat, whereas with round trampolines the bounce will be strongest in the centre, and so every jump brings the user back towards the centre.

Parents love rectangular trampolines mainly because of the aesthetics.

Of course, getting a trampoline that your kids really love is a key benefit, but they also love how it fits into the garden, and is often much more compatible with the shape of a traditional British garden than is your typical round trampoline.

Sometimes they cost a little bit more, but as we all know more often than not, you get what you pay for.